What sets our rings apart?


Comfort fit

Our rings have a large internal radius that is a result of our unique manufacturing techniques, providing a more comfortable wearing experience.


Made in the U.S.A

Our rings are made by hand in the United States of America (Arizona).



If your ring breaks, please send it back to us along with a story of how the ring failed (we've yet to break one!). Once we receive the damaged or broken ring, we'll then make a new ring for you and ship it back at no charge to you.


If your ring is lost or stolen, please contact us to discuss discounted replacement options. General wear and tear is not covered under our warranty.


Our rings are made by hand using a very special process that we have developed over several years. The process produces a durable, hand-crafted custom ring. Other manufactures make similar rings mechanically, with less character. We always make our rings by hand.



We are committed to an honest and painstaking approach to the design, craftsmanship and care in manufacturing.


No Shiny Coatings

We finish our rings in a soft and luxurious satin texture that shows little wear and stays true to form.


Abuse and Corrosion Resistance

Refractory rings are made to resist normal wear and tear, as well as harsh chemicals and solvents. We have tested our rings under the worst possible conditions.


Free Shipping

We ship our rings worldwide for free.


Spouse Discount

Contact us if you would like a ring to match for your spouse. We would be happy to extend a repeat customer discount!


Eco Friendly

Everything we do at Refractory is of a sustainable nature. The materials we use are either recycled or "Eco-clean". In our manufacturing process, we use molding materials that we recycle in-house, and our resin system is 0% V.O.C. Even our packaging and shipping materials utilize recycled materials. We do not believe in waste.



We always ship our rings with care instructions. Should your ring become aesthetically damaged, we have included special pads for regaining the satin texture and repairing blemishes.Our packaging is custom and suited to the aesthetic of the rings, and is comprised of fully recycled materials.


Our Rings Support Our Family

The rings that we produce support our growing family. We also donate 10% of all gross proceeds to charity. Thank you in advance for your support.


About Us



Refractory is an experimental process in design, engineering and manufacturing techniques. From a shop located in Tucson, Arizona, we hand-produce products utilizing proprietary methodology and unique materials. Our aesthetic is grounded in an appreciation of architecture, engineering and the honor of materials in their purest form.


Our first product is a series of carbon fiber rings realized in 4 unique finishes to suit the taste of our customers. We are able to custom-produce rings to your specification including ring size and width.


We are married with two beautiful children.